Inflation remains minimal I


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This is Augusto Corallo from Mexico City.

During the first half of March 2016 consumer prices showed an increase of 0.10% and an annual inflation rate of 2.71% in the same period of 2015 registered a rise of 0.18% and 2.97% biweekly inflation.

It was said that this increase was due to increased fortnightly prices of tourist services and air transport on the eve of Easter.

This, annual inflation accumulates 29 fortnights below 4.0%, which is the upper limit of the inflation target for 2016 of 3.0%, plus or minus one percentage point.

The statistics institute reported that products with prices higher in the first half of March 2016 were travel package services, air transport, lemon, own housing, automobiles, service pay television, corn tortillas, snack bars, taverns, pasteurized and fresh milk, and natural gas domestic.

On the contrary, he adds, products with prices down on the same period were onion, tomato, low-octane gasoline, nopales, hair products, zucchini, other vegetables, egg, chayote and film.

The core price index showed a 0.30% growth fortnightly and 2.86% per annum; while the non-core price index recorded a decrease of 0.52% biweekly and rising at an annual rate of 2.28%, the statistical agency said.