Different Types of Companies in Japan




Choosing the Type of Company to Establish in Japan








It is possible to change from GK to KK, or from KK to GK, after the company is registered. The costs of the transformation is about the same as the difference in the setting up costs between KK and GK (around 200,000 yen). Which should I choose, KK or GK?

・If you have sufficient funds for and will work regularly with Japanese companies: KK

・If you budget is limited and the main clients/customers will most likely be individuals or foreign companies: GK

・If you intend to have other investors or to transfer/sell shares in the future: KK ・If you wish to divide the profit (dividends) with different percentage than the actual investment rate (for having partner(s) who will provide

・workforce, skills or know-how rather than contributing financially): GK

・If you are the sole investor/manager of the company and wish to set up a company in the easiest and fastest way: GK







Now what are the different steps for setting up a company in Japan ?

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