【June 29th, July 13th】 Business Development & Anti-COVID-19 Seminar【Turkey Web】


Seminar Concepts

As you all may know, COVID-19 has been making serious damage on worldwide economies.

In order to tackle this unprecedented situation, it is always essential to reach the latest information and take appropriate approaches. This time, we will talk about the latest update and conceivable methods against COVID-19 in addition to basic information to start business activities in Turkey.


Seminar Agenda

1Investment Environment
(1)Basic Information about Turkey
(2)Business Outlook and Opportunities in Turkey for International Companies
(3)Forms of Incorporation
(4)Key Notes for Incorporation in Turkey
(5)Turkish Employee Management / Importance of Evaluation System
(6)Work Permit & Social Insurance

2Coping Methods against COVID-19
(1)Latest Update regarding COVID-19 in Turkey
(2)Anti-corona Economic Package Announced by Turkish Government
(3)Effective Approaches to tackle COVID-19 from the HR and Labour Viewpoints

3Q & A

  • Those who considers the business development to Turkey
  • Those who engages in the business activity in Turkey
  • Those who will have a possibility to work in Turkey
  • Person in charge of Turkey-based Companies with International Capital

Expected Effect

This seminar program enables audience to gather wide range of important information regarding business activities in Turkey in a short period of time.

※Although it is truly selfish, please refrain from applying from other companies in the same industry.


Deniz Kuş
Tokyo Consulting Firm Turkey


June 29th(Mon.)& July 13th (Mon.) 14:00~15:30 [Web]
*Turkey time

Attendance Fee

Free of Charge

Performing Language



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