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Having completed company registration, the next step is to prepare and submit various notices. Each notice is due within a different time frame (usually between ten days and three months after setting up the company), and must be submitted in Japanese. In addition to notices for tax and social insurance, there are numerous other notices that must be prepared and submitted (often to many different authorities), so it is common for companies to hire professionals, such as tax accountants and labor and social security attorney, to prepare and submit such notices on their behalf.

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(1) Reports and notification under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law

When setting up your company’s base in Japan, If the types of business are related to the national security, public order, public safety, etc., a prior report must be submitted to the BOJ, In the case of the other types of business, a notification must generally be submitted to the BOJ within fifteen days of the company being established.

(2) Tax notices

Notification of establishment of business must be submitted to national, prefectural and municipal tax offices.Many companies have a professional prepare and submit these notices. Note that if you intend to enter into an ongoing consulting agreement with an accounting or tax affairs office to handle your company’s day-to-day accounts, it would be more efficient to have the same office prepare the aforementioned notices. If you are not considering such an agreement, another option is to have the professional that took care of your company registration handle these notices.

(3) Social insurance notices

Any company in Japan employing workers is required by law to enroll in social and labor insurance systems. Social insurance refers to health insurance and welfare pension insurance. Nursing care insurance is also required in some cases. Labor insurance refers to unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. If a company engages professionals, the company will engage a labor and social security attorney, to submit notices required to join these schemes. If a company has the professional that took care of company registration procedures handle such notices, it will be advisable to confirm that the person who performs the actual procedures is a social insurance consultant.