【Held】【28th June】【Mexico city】How to optimize our Human Resources?

Mexico Seminar


Speaker Profile

Carlos Nieto

Tokyo Consulting Firm Mexico Branch

Senior Consultant. He has more than 10 years of experience working for the most important HR consultancies in Mexico, where he has excelled in the formation of high-performance work teams, in his knowledge of the labor market and in the development of commercial strategies. Currently working as a representative of Tokyo Consulting Mexico in the HR consulting specialty.


The importance of optimize our Human Resources departments as a strategic advantage to be more competitive in a globalized market.


1- Strategic importance of Human Resources

2- Strategy of Diffusion and Attraction of talent

3- Costs of Hiring the Erroneous Candidate and How to Avoid It

4- Repercussion in training and labor training costs

5- How to maximize Human Resources in your company

6- The evaluation system as a strategic advantage

Target audience

HR Directors, HR managers and recruiters who have an interest in improving their strategies in Human Resources to be more competitive.


This seminar is aimed at Human Resources Managers and Recruiters, who want to optimize their results and reduce their turnover within companies.

Message from

Being competitive in a globalized world has ceased to be an option, to become a strategic necessity.

So, creating competitive advantages that make us stand out from others becomes crucial and having the best practices in our Human Resources department is the fundamental tool for the success of our industries.

Success does not depend on the size of our budget or the products supporting technologies.  It really depends on employee’s attitudes, competencies and skills; their ability to generate commitment and trust, communicate aspirations and work in complex relationships.

The question then is what should our companies do to have the best practices?

Let me invite you to our HR seminar that will take place next Friday, June 28, 2019. Where we will talk about this important topic and the strategies to implement to be successful against the growing competition.

Carlos Nieto


28th June (Friday) 12:00-13:00


Av Ejército Nacional No. 418, Polanco, Polanco V Secc, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX

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